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Tokyo Design Lab


  • イノベーティブなプロトタイプの創出

  • 人材育成

  • デザインエンジニアリング拠点の構築



The key concept is the "fusion of design and science", and we will work on the following missions:

  • Creating innovative prototypes
    Designers, engineers and scientists collaborate to create prototypes of innovative products and services.

  • Disseminating knowledge and developing people
    Through forums, exhibitions and workshops, we will disseminate design engineering methods to educational institutions, private enterprises, government agencies, and help cultivate and develop the people that will contribute to future innovation.

  • Building a design engineering base
    Through these activities, we will build domestic networks between industry, academia and government and public-private domains. We will also build international design engineering bases by bringing together designers and creators from overseas.

The launch of this design lab is also part of the Cabinet Office
'Cool Japan Center Collaboration Demonstration Project'.

デ ザ イ ン ラ ボ の 仕 組 み
Design Lab Structure

Tokyo Design Labはマイクロラボとアカデミーから成り立ちます。




Tokyo Design Lab is made up of micro labs and academy, which is found in the open community space.


Micro Labs

We will create and promote innovation projects that open new doors to industry, business and society. This is achieved by adding design as a catalyst to the state-of-the-art science and technology, which is being researched and developed at The University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science.



Education is also one of the big missions of the design laboratory. In order to disseminate design engineering methods and foster and expand innovation culture, the Design Lab provides open opportunities for industry, government and academics as well as holding various types of events such as forums, exhibitions and workshops to the wider public.

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