Science x Design: Lectures and Workshop


February 2020 at CRI, Paris

Date Et Heure

mar. 4 février 2020

09:00 – 17:00 heure : France


Interdisciplinary Research Center (CRI)

8bis Rue Charles V

75004 Paris


French intro

Science et design - de leur intersection émergent de nouvelles opportunités d'innovation ainsi que de nouvelles questions d'éthique, de durabilité et d'humanité. Pour le matin, nous invitons plusieurs pionniers de ce domaine interdisciplinaire de collaboration science-conception à partager leurs projets, leurs idées et leurs questions. L'atelier de l'après-midi explore la variété des relations entre la science et le design en analysant plusieurs projets en devenir à travers le prisme de prépositions telles que dans, pour, à travers, avec et contre. La conférence et l'atelier se dérouleront en français et en anglais.

English intro

Science and design – out of their intersection emerges new opportunities for innovation and also new questions for ethics, sustainability and humanity. For lecture in the morning, we invite several pioneers in this interdisciplinary field of science-design collaboration to share their projects, insights and questions. The workshop in the afternoon explores the variety of the relationship between science and design by analysing several exiting projects through the lens of prepositions such as into, for, through, with and against. The lectures and workshop will be conducted in French and English. 




Morning lecture at (____________)

9:00am        Welcome by Dr Nolwenn Maudet

9:15am        Presentation from Dr Maudet and Dr Kensho Miyoshi

9:45am        Presentations (Presenters to be announced soon)

12:30pm     Closing speech and lunch break


Afternoon workshop at (____________)

1:30pm       Workshop introduction

2:00pm       Workshop

4:30pm       Wrap up and final remark

5:00pm       Wine & cheese

working with us


Since the beginning of the project, we have worked with dozens of designers and scientists to develop our tools and methods. We are now looking for partners, university or companies, to help us test them and refine them. If you are interested in being a beta-tester for our methods, please get in touch!

Design Researchers
We are also looking for highly motivated design researchers who are interested in investigating science*design led projects and in developing guidelines and methods to support the collaboration in all of its dimensions. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch!


The Science x Design project is a research project conducted at the DLX Design Lab in collaboration with the laboratories at the Institute of Industrial Science of the University of Tokyo.

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