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Inspire Talks #5

インスパイアトーク@新虎通りCORE DESIGN ACADEMYの立ち上げを記念して、"Inspire Talks"イベントシリーズの第5回目を12月11日(火)19時より、‟新虎通りCORE(東京・港区)”にて開催致します。 登壇者: 山崎 みどりーコンデナスト・ジャパン クリエイティブディレクター 木下 晴之ー東京大学生産技術研究所 藤井輝夫研究室 特任助教 クリスチャン フェルスナーーRCAxIIS Tokyo Design Lab 特任研究員 また、このイベントは森ビル、森記念財団のサポートを受けています。 The RCAxIIS Tokyo Design Lab Inspire Talks are going to the city again! We are very excited to announce that on the 11th of December we will be holding the 5th RCAxIIS Tokyo Design Lab Inspire Talks at The Core on Shintora Dori. This time the event is presented by DESIGN ACADEMY, our new initiative that brings design education out of the campus and into the city. As usual, Inspire Talks will be an informal affair with three inspiring speakers from science and design talking about their work followed by casual networking party: Midori Yamazaki - Creative Director, Condé Nast Haruyuki Kinoshita Ph.D. - Project Research Associate, Fujii Laboratory, Institute of Industrial Science, U-Tokyo Christian Felsner - Research Associate, RCA×IIS Tokyo Design Lab, Institute of Industrial Science, U-Tokyo This event is Kindly supported by Mori Building / The Mori Memorial Foundation.


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