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Holistic Well-being

Developments in the fashion industry require a focus on consumers' lives and a reconsideration of all aspects of their lifestyles.

With financial support from Toyoshima, this series of research projects is designed to use insights from the Design Led-X and the humanities to assess market needs conneced to every aspect of consumers' lifestyles - everything from fashion and healthcare to medicine and elder care - and turn existing technology into business solutions.

This series of projects started with the big question of the future of fashion and technology. Clothes have long functioned as layers between the human body and the outside world. Overlay sees clothin as an active layer between us and our inner bodies - a layer that merges textiles and technology to sense or stimulate the body in order to enhance holistic wellbeing. Wellbeing is not only beneficial for the individual but also for society toensure a healthy and proactive population.


If your skin is sensing the world around you, HYOHI is sensing the world inside you.

HYOHI is a system that allows easy monitoring of your body’s nutrient, vitamin and hormone levels along with other biometrics in order to help you address your unique body needs.

In the near future these types of biosensors would enable convenient nutrient, vitamin and hormone tracking away from the hospital. Thus allowing users to have a better idea of the complexity of the human body and their unique needs to achieve wellbeing holistically.

HYOHI online sensor store offers personalised groups of sensors depending on your life situation.

The HYOHI Kit is delivered to your home and it consists of a set of sensors and a soft flexible garment that acts as the technology hub. Slots allow you to place the sensors

in place in a plug&play way and be able to track biometrics according to your needs.

The concept is based on cutting edge technology which is being developed at the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo. Specifically, Minami Lab has been developing flexible biosensors for enzyme detection. For example Lactate

is a known biomarker for assessing your physical performance.








Technology: BK Jim Lab (Microcomponents and Systems), Minami Lab (Supramolecular Materials Design)

Design: Andriana Nassou (RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab)


The human body reacts intuitively to different rhythms. Calm and positive states can be triggered with slower vibrotactile rhythms like when a mother calms her newborn by placing them close to her heart. Or conversely states of excitement have been associated with faster tempos like the effect of dance music. VIBE is a system that stimulates your body through a personalised vibrotactile experience.

Pick the VIBE

States of calmness or excitement are expressed with different intensity in every person. Enzymes in the saliva, the heartrate and the perspiration of the palm are biosignals that express the intensity of these different emotional states.

Use the lollipop, the emotional sensor, when you feel calm or excited, to save this state. In this way you create your own emotional baseline which is going to curate the vibrotactile experience.

Minami Lab is developing an enzymatic biosensor based on organic field effect transistor technology that detects the nitrate concentration in the saliva. Lower nitrate concentration has been associated with calmness and higher concentration with stress. In the future, biosensors that are sensitive to adrenaline and other enzymes would be able to detect different emotional states like joy and excitement.

Set the VIBE

The digital platform gives you access to your emotional library which translates your biosignals into your personalised sense of calmness or excitement in a form of vibration. When you feel like calming down or cheer up, wear the vest, choose your VIBE from your the library and enjoy!


The digital platform becomes a library of your VIBES. Customize it, download it, mix it up and get creative with your VIBE!









デジタルプラットフォームは、自分自身のVIBEのライブラリとなります。カスタマイズし、 ダウンロードし、組み合わせる—VIBEを使って、クリエイティブな時間を。

Technology: Minami Lab (Supramolecular Materials Design)

Design: Andriana Nassou (RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab)


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