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MEMS Spray

A Collaboration with TOSHIYOSHI Lab

Toshiyoshi Lab predicts that in the near future, components will get so small that one would be able to turn any electronics into energy-efficient MEMS particles which could be powered by an energy harvester.

What if we could use these particles to create a MEMS Spray? The spray would contain 3 types of particles: actuators, sensors and energy harvesters, along with conductive carbon nanotubes which would self-assemble to create the circuitry.

About Toshiyoshi Lab

Toshiyoshi lab specializes in MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems): small mechanical machines of 1 millimeter or smaller, made by using semiconductor micro fabrication technology. The lab studies design and fabrication techniques of MEMS for micro optics, nanophotonics, and radio-wave applications.

Toshiyoshi lab has developed energy-harvesting MEMS which produce electrical power from environmental vibrations, targeting a 10 mW class power package. This could be used for wireless wearable electronics of the next generation IoT (Internet of Things), and paves the way for a future where electronics could be as small as sub-miliscale, with higher efficiency and lower energy consumption.


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