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In this world, we introduce you to an evolved rural Japan where 6G is used to deploy a fleet of cheap driverless shuttles that operate on a 6G network. Quality of life will be improved by having public transport that can identify you and your pick-up location seamlessly, thereby reducing any friction in commuting. We believe that 6G can decrease reliance on private vehicles in sparsely populated rural areas. A key element of this system is the 6G enabled travel card that will allow you to summon a bus when you need it. We believe that the rural ageing communities will be mobilized by the help of cheap public transport where people can meet fellow villagers and travel together. 

This service encompasses a new model for public transport: one that has no predefined routes, is available anywhere on demand, and whose fleet size is dynamically adjusted to balance demand.
6G ability to act like a distributed sensor and precise positioning capabilities are used to run a fleet of inexpensive, driverless shuttles in the rural areas.

Shuttles connect to a digital twin* of the territory that is aware of every connected device and takes environmental real time information from the network. This eliminates the need for expensive onboard computing power and sensors. 

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