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Global Innovation Design Lab

This project was led as an exchange between Global Innovation Design (a joint program between the Royal College of Art & Imperial College London) and DLX Design Lab. From April to July 2021, DLX hosted four students from GID to take on treasure hunting projects with Takeuchi Laboratory. The focus of their research is on biohybrid systems. Inspired by such research, the students designed outputs addressing the future of lab-grown meat and applications for digital nose sensor technology.

From Cell to Fork by Ahad Mahood

From Cell to Fork is a speculative cookbook that explores the culinary opportunities created by cultured meat. Looking at cultured meat as food first, technology second, this book attempts to demystify some of the questions and concerns around something that may become a cornerstone of our food system in the not-too-distant future.

The Boo by Cathie Weixinyue Peng

Boo is an artificial creature that lives in the living space to sense and provide companionship through subtle sensorial experiences. It creates a warm ambience that leads people to meditate, extract themselves out of the noise they experience in daily life and concentrate on their minds and thoughts.

Saku by Aura Murillo

Saku is a fine dining experience designed with Takeuchi Lab to combine the wonders of cultured meat with the emotional and human side of food. With cultured meat ready to move from labs to tables around the world, it is more relevant than ever to design how people will experience it for the first time and inspire people to try it. By designing every detail, Saku consists of exclusive Takeuchi signature dishes in bespoke tableware design, and an exploratory learning journey all packed into an immersive experience.

Takeu Clip by Alasdair Grant

The Takeu Clip is a part-implant part-wearable designed to push the boundaries of our sense of smell.

It introduces the ability to control your sense of smell through an implanted odour sensor and an olfactory nerve stimulator. The external, removable part of the device, called the Clip, provides battery power and connection to computation and can take several forms. Most suitable for those suffering from loss of smell due to the invasive nature of the device, the technical function is based on ground-breaking research conducted by Takeuchi Biohybrid Systems Laboratory and others, albeit with optimistic hopes for continued success in the years to come.


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