Plasmonics Lightpainting / プラズモン・ライトペイント

A collaboration with Tatsuma lab


How can metallic nanoparticles be used as a creative material?

Plasmonics Lightpainting is an interactive light sculpture comprised of small glass pieces colored by metallic nanoparticle dispersion. The kinetic light sculptures explore the beauty of the color routing effect of plasmonic metallic nanostructures, producing random patterns and colors through reflection, transmission and scattering of the light.




Tatsuma Lab’s research focuses on the development of materials which take advantage of the properties of metallic nanostructures. Because of the ‘plasmon effect’, these nanostructures display interesting optical properties. One of these is a color routing effect - where the colors of transmitted, reflected and scattered light differ from each other.

Using these same properties, Tatsuma lab have developed color changing materials for chemical sensing and bio-sensing. This technology can also be used for harvesting energy from light sources in the form of transparent photovoltaics, photocatalysis and artificial photosynthesis materials.




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